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    Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's hit creation centred upon the freewheeling science fiction adventures of flawed genius Rick Sanchez alongside his anxiety and morality-stricken grandson Morty. 

    Rick and Morty | Five New Episodes!

    season 1 promo 

    inside 'the rickchurian mortydate'

    beth's existential crisis

    inside 'the abcs of beth'

    meet keara

    inside 'morty's mind blowers'


    inside 'tales from the citadel'

    tales from the citadel

    inside 'rest and ricklaxation'

    morty and jessica first date

    inside 'the whirly dirly conspiracy'

    a universe beyond your imagining

    inside vindicators 3

    wake up sanchez

    inside 'pickle rick'

    pickle rick sewer escape 

    inside 'rickmancing the stone'

    inside 'the rickshank redemption'

    7 great rick sanchez rants

    5 times jerry questioned everything

    7 morty meltdowns